We both were scared of the night time-

So as soon as the clock stroke beyond 3,

We knew it just wasn’t meant to be. Feelings got mixed and minds got scattered; but in our hearts, we always knew, Our love was made for the 5th Avenue.

Wept silently on the phone although my love was loud; perhaps too loud for you to handle, the love we had was like a burning candle.

The way we burned. the way it’d hurt; it would all go away when my head lied on your arm,

It felt homier than home, it felt so warm.

“Our love isn’t soft, it doesn’t feel right” you’d say that to me almost every night.

Only if you knew what you mean to me, only if I ever had the chance to let it be.

But you were my summer’s shining sun and you were my winter’s warm blanket, your laugh was like the sound of my favourite anklet.