Media’s impact on teenagers today

How long can you be disconnected from your Iphone, Ipod, or other smartphone device? Studies showed that most students can’t be away from their phone for more than 24 hours. Why do we devote so much time and energy reading, scrolling, and watching random peoples lives play out in front of us? That is a question that you should ask yourself, but until you can answer it you will continuously be hooked on a not so real reality.

Myspace, Facebook, and Bebo were some of the first social networking sites that gave people all around the world a chance to post pictures, statuses, personal information, and basically talk about their inner thoughts for all of their “online friends” to read. Since then, in a span of five or more years, more social networking sites have emerged. Twitter and Instagram are sites that you can see students pulling up on their phones to see what their friends are up to. Each feed refills at a constant speed to keep the users entertained, and mostly distract from life that continues around them.

I have seen many teachers get very aggravated because of this. Phones are getting in the way of education, and seem to come first in many situations.

I would be lying if I said I am often disconnected from my phone or the technology world. The truth is, it is hard to get away once you are already so attached and involved. But this is an issue that worries me because if students really can’t disconnect, then what will life be like in 20 years? Kids are only going to start using cell phones younger and younger, and who knows maybe babies will learn how to talk in text language—which is a scary thought.

Challenge yourself and try your hardest to leave your phone behind for at least a day. Maybe more if you think you can handle it. We all need to take more control of our actual lives, rather than our header photo on Facebook. Pay attention to the world around you instead of missing out on things while looking at a screen.