Students Speak Out on new app Quizup


What do you like about the app?

“I like that it is fun and you can interact and play with your friends.” Ethan Sorenson, sophomore


Does it distract you from classwork at all?

“It kinda distracts me. I usually can still focus but it can become addicting. I deleted it mostly because I got bored, but I could definitely see how it could be hard to focus on school with the app.” Shruthi Thandri, senior


What is your favorite category to play?

“I win all the time at Grey’s Anatomy, I beat my friends a lot but it has become boring to me.” Shruthi Thandri, senior


If you haven’t download the app, what do your friends say about it?

“I’ve heard it is fun from my friends.  I see people playing it in the halls. It looks fun but I just haven’t gotten it yet.” Carter Haukedahl, junior


“I don’t play Quizup, but since everybody’s playing it I think I might download it. I don’t get why everybody is so addicted. All my friends love it though.” Laura Meis, freshman