Reality Television has become hard to watch

Has reality television taken over our lives?

For many, watching reality television is a guilty pleasure which has become a huge part of our culture. Shows such as “The Bachelor” andKeeping up with the Kardashians”, among other reality tv shows are on almost every television network. The question to ask while you are watching, “Is reality television a bad influence on the American people?”

In The Bachelor, we are exposed to 25 girls fighting over one guy and a chance to become engaged to him. The other part is like a fairy tale, complete with going on fantasty dates and dream vacations. Most of the couples on the show who become engaged don’t even last a year, so what is the point of watching it? People in America seem to be fascinated by it and,  want to see what they think is true love. I admit, I occasionally watchThe Bachelor, but afterwards I feel that I have lost some brain cells.

Similarly, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills follows young heirs and heiresses around in their daily lives. With occupations of “Funemployed” these kids are given all of the money they could ever dream of, spending thousands of dollars a week on designer clothes, alcohol and partying. It really shows how irresponsible some kids and parents in America can be.

Shows like these promoting alcohol use and partying are not setting a good example, especially, glamorizing, there is a possibility that people might think that is okay and normal. These shows should really be put under tighter scrutiny so some of these behaviors for other people are not seen by the younger generation.

Not all reality television is bad to watch. Shows like “Survivor” are good, but have gotten some critisicm for pitting people against each other.  “The Amazing Race”, has cultural value can be educational.  Shows such as The Bachelor and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills are questionable, however, because of drinking and glamorizing partying.

If there is just a tighter limit on what can and can’t be seen on reality television, such as alcohol and drug abuse,  it could make a huge difference.