Dress code at West Linn High School

The West Linn student handbook has become more of a joke than a rule. Is the dress code be sexist?

In the student handbook, it explains the rules for wearing clothes. One prohibits “clothing that allows bare midriffs, backs or underwear garments to show.” So rephrasing that, it means no crop tops, no bra straps, but if you don’t wear a bra you will get dress coded.

“Clothing that is deemed disruptive to the educational process.” This rule is more directed towards the girls in the school, but instead of the girls buying an entirely new wardrobe, why don’t the boy’s change the way they see girls?

Instead of girls getting into trouble when they wear a shirt that shows their collarbone, guys should get in trouble when they get distracted from a girl. Girls should wear what they think expresses who they are, in less there wearing only underwear.

Why do boys have a more relaxed dress code? Do they trust women to pay more attention in class and pay less attention to boys? Girls can’t wear tank tops because they show their bra straps, but they also need to wear a bra or it will show to much. Boys can wear tank tops and tight shirts that show every detail on their upper body. Why isn’t the dress code the same?

According to the handbook, you can’t wear clothing or jewelry that have spikes on them. I have seen many people with spikes not getting dress code. On that topic, how would you hurt somebody with spikes? Are you going to jump like a whale onto the other person?

A woman’s clothes change so the dress code because there are new things that are considered acceptable to the public and some things that are not. Woman have a more difficult time with the dress code because you still need to follow all the rules but at the same time, you need to fit in with society.

So do students not know the rules? Or do they not care? Should the women stand up for the sexist dress code?

For the full dress code, view pages 22 and 23 of the student handbook.