Seven clubs West Linn needs to promote diversity

Clubs at West Linn have allowed students to promote diversity and activism.

Through cultural clubs, activist clubs, and religious clubs, there are  spaces for students to share their cultures and opinions with other students. Although WLHS has at least one club in each of the three categories mentioned above, there is limited diversity in the choice of clubs offered.

Currently, students have the opportunity to participate in clubs such as Key Club and Teen Advisory Board. Although this suits the needs of students, there is always room for additional clubs that can improve and diversify our school.

After looking into schools in the Portland Metro area, I have been inspired by the variety of clubs schools have introduced to their schools. For those wanting to promote diversity, here are the top seven clubs we need to introduce at West Linn.


1.Common Ground – Wilson High School

Common Ground is a time for people from different socioeconomic status’ to come together and promote change in the community. While finding a commonality between different social and political groups, the club focuses on discovering the similarities between different people, and sharing with the community how people are more similar than different.

2. Understanding Cultures in the Kitchen – Wilson High School

This club brings cultural understanding to the one thing everyone enjoys: food. Learn about new foods and share a meal while exchanging facts and stories about your culture.

3. Community Service Club – Lakeridge High School

Do you care about the community? Take some time to help out West Linn by pitching in community service to better our city.

4. Jewish Student Union – Lakeridge High School

Meet your fellow Jewish Students and enjoy a meal with them. Share stories and experiences, along with songs and prayers.

5. Grief Group – Lincoln High School

Are you dealing with something and need someone to talk to? Grief group is a time to relieve yourself of stress and problems. Have a conversation or listen to others. It’s a time to get or give help.

6. FED (Providing Food for the Needy) – Lakeridge High School

Providing food for the needy is a time to talk and help hunger problems in West Linn and the greater area of Portland. Talk about how you can help and make an impact in the community.

7. Muslim Student Union – Wilson High School

Come together with your fellow Muslim students. Connect, share, and interact with other Muslim people and take time to pray and talk together.


The next steps to make West Linn diverse are in the hands of the students. If one of these clubs look interesting to you, or you have your own idea, contribute to West Linn’s diversity and start a club. With diversity comes acceptance. Let’s accept our student body.