Emma Coke

Emma Coke, Social Media Editor

Ever since elementary school, Emma Coke, junior, has had an interest in writing.  

“I was always making up different stories when I was younger.  In fact, when I was in preschool I made up a story and had my mom write it down for me.” Coke said.

Along with her passion for writing, Coke has also always loved and enjoyed reading.

“Reading and writing have always been my favorite pastimes,” Coke said. “The first books I vividly remember reading were the books in the Harry Potter series. These books were what really got me interested in reading and ever since then I’ve been reading whenever I had time,” Coke said.

In addition to her interests in reading and writing, Coke also enjoys playing piano.

“My mom got me into piano because she had taken lessons when she was younger and really wanted me to learn how to play since she had enjoyed playing piano so much.  I was immediately interested and was excited to learn how to play different songs,” Coke said.

This year Coke will be trying Journalism for the first time.

“Back in April I had received an email saying that one of my teachers had recommend me to join Journalism next school year and I was immediately intrigued. I thought that it would be a lot of fun to write for The Amplifier and WLHSnow, especially since I really enjoy writing. It’s something that I have never done before and it is always a lot of fun to try new things,” Coke said.

Coke is excited to be a part of Journalism and the WLHSnow staff this year.

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Emma Coke