The new addition to the counseling team

This year, our school has a new addition to the counseling team. Austin Wilson is the new college and careers administrator. 

Wilson had never really intended on becoming a college and careers administrator. “I have always enjoyed helping people,” Wilson said. “becoming a college and career administrator was just a natural progression.” 

Before becoming the new college and careers administrator, Wilson was a football coach at the Arena Football League, a Navy SEAL and even worked for the TSA for a while. 

Being a college and careers administrator consists of, “Booking appointments for college visits, sending transcripts, setting up Naviance and giving advice for college and careers,” Wilson said. 

The best part of his job, though, “Is just being able to hang out with you guys. I mean that’s my favorite part- just giving advice,” Wilson said. “Having somebody come in with a problem and being able to try and give a little advice.”

When it comes to advice for students Wilson said, “Be patient. Patience is key. Don’t think that you gotta rush to choose what you want to do forever right now. If you’re constantly running to the finish line, 100 years from now you’re going to be exhausted.”