Chrisann Kim
Ideas for her future career of becoming a zoologist started back in Beaverton, Ore for Chrisann Kim, senior.

“I love working and being around animals,” Kim said.  Kim wants to learn about them and not be someone who takes animals for granted.

“I want to be [a zoologist] because humanity and mankind need to realize that we share this planet with absolutely spectacular creatures, and we avert our eyes away and never wonder what the other biological worlds are like,” Kim said.

Though she enjoys Oregon, Kim wishes she was born in England. Sophistication is one of the many words that describe Kim and another reason for her love of England.  Kim loves the style and sophistication of England.

“I’m sort of a British freak! I wish I was British,” Kim said.  If Kim had the money, she would go to England for school.

Kim’s favorite artist is Taylor Swift.  Last year, she was given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend Swift’s Speak Now World Tour.  A lucky win via a country radio station landed her a spot in the pit at the concert.

“Hands down, the best part was seeing my idol and role mode perform live five feet away from me. Just being in her presence was absolutely mesmerizing, because I never believed that I could make it to [the concert],” Kim said. “She has helped me in unfathomable ways and to see her for myself was the moment of my life.”

A Class of 2013 senior, Kim is ready to move on with her life.   She is now ready to take on whatever life throws at her.  Chrisann is prepared to begin the next chapter in her life, as a freshman in college.

Chrisann Kim, Co Editor-in-Chief

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Chrisann Kim