What’s with the rabbit in the library?

Early this morning students were surprised to see a large wooden rabbit in the library


Zoe Craig

The large wooden rabbit surprised students this morning by standing tall in the library. The rabbit is a result of the class of 2016’s senior prank

It was all smiles walking into school on Friday, the seniors celebrated their last day of high school by pulling off an epic senior prank. Early this morning, a group of unknown seniors came into the school and constructed a “Trojan rabbit” in the library. So, what is a Trojan rabbit anyway? The Trojan rabbit is from the movie “Monty python and the holy grail” and is one of the large symbols of the movie.  

Although the students were surprised to see the structure standing high in the library, the admin was one step ahead.

Administration already knew about the prank before school. The group of seniors have promised to deconstruct the structure and remove it from the school at the end of the day.

“We have been in touch with the group of seniors in charge of the rabbit, they will be in later today to take the rabbit back home,” Kevin Mills, principal said.