Student Speak Out: Prom

Students give insight on the cleverest ways of asking people to Prom.


What is a good way to ask someone to Prom?


Brooke Gath, freshman: “You should take them on a date and then ask them in front of a bunch of people; that would be cute. Because that way everyone can see and you feel special. As long as you make an effort I think that the girl will like it.”


Lucas Evans, junior:  “The best way to ask someone would be to ask them with a chemistry joke. It would be clever and girls like that.”


Amani Grant, senior: “If you got one of those planes while you were walking on the beach. The smoke planes, and have them write in the smoke trail ‘Prom?’ with a question mark. That way it is also hard to say no, because it would be awkward if the plane just kept flying.”


Andrea Casad, sophomore: “Something that you are both into, make it something special and original. Just don’t be nervous.”

Prom is coming up on May 17 so get busy and think of a good way to ask your dat