The problem plaguing us all

The pain and suffering that is early fall


Early fall is the worst time of the whole year with the unfortunate temperature fluctuations throughout the entire day. Oregonians simply cannot wait for the cool, rainy weather everyone believes Oregon has year round.

The crunchy yellow leaves under boots and the cool, muddy pumpkin patches come to mind when the season fall arrives. But what’s forgotten about fall is the incredible turmoil people are placed in during the beginning when the weather goes from being freezing cold in the morning to being hot and sunny in the afternoon.

The sweater, jeans and boots you come to school in feel like a good choice in the morning, right? Wrong. They engulf you in fire the second you leave the building, and you get sticky and sweaty as you walk to your car.

You can also go the other way. Showing up to school in shorts and a t-shirt is a good idea for when you leave school, but the second the cold air hits your exposed skin, you regret all the choices you have made.

Wearing a jacket or sweatshirt is no better because you end up carrying the jacket around when you no longer need it, which is just an added pain to the day. The jacket you needed earlier now hangs off of your arm, swinging around and hitting other people in the hallway.

The sunny weather also causes mourning for summer when there was no stress about homework and tests, leaving an upset, angry feeling at the world for no longer being summer.

As fall progresses into October, the weather becomes more enjoyable as the rainy season begins and the leaves turn to beautiful shades or red, orange, and yellow. The cool crisp air expected of fall engulfs you in that feeling you’ve been waiting all summer for the feeling of fall.

The time has now come for the pumpkin patches, the hot apple cider and the fun that comes with Halloween.