Makena Big John and Evan McCreary named 101st May Queen and King


Joseph Murphy

Mariam Hassan and Karter Hill, class of 2022 alums, returned to crown this year’s May Queen and King.

Following a student vote, the May Queen and King were crowned at the 101st May Day celebration, continuing one of the school’s longest running traditions. This year’s recipients of the honors were Makena Big John and Evan McCreary, both seniors. 

“I just feel so honored to be a part of this big tradition [that has] been going for the last 100 years,” Big John said. “To be the 101st May Queen is such an honor and I’m so grateful to be part of it.”

In order to be made May Queen or King, participants first have to run for court. Running for court is an extensive process that includes interviews, resume writing, and winning a school-wide vote. The princesses and princes that are chosen for court then spend the following months preparing for the full May Day celebration, holding weekend practices in which they learn the dances that are performed during the show.

“[In] the rehearsals, meeting people and learning the dances was just so much fun,” Big John said. “It was every Sunday for three hours and it was so much fun.” 

Not only were Big John and McCreary crowned May Queen and King together, they were also partners on the court that featured eight other pairs of princesses and princes. 

“[McCreary] deserved it so much,” Big John said. “To be able to do it with one of my best friends, and to be partners and even May King and Queen together was so amazing. I’m so grateful for that.” 

Outside of May Day, Big John and McCreary are both involved in theater, participating in this year’s fall musical Matilda. Big John is also a member of the Symphonic Choir, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), and Teen Advisory Board (TAB). Following Mariam Hassan, a class of 2022 alum, McCreary is the second person of color to be named May King or Queen and also serves as co-president of the Thespian Troupe.

“I think that any junior who might be hesitant about running [for May Court] because they don’t fit what might be the standard image or whatever preconceived notions might be going through their heads,” McCreary said. “The same thing was probably going through mine. I encourage them to take that risk because we can always use more firsts and use more boundary pushing and more breakthroughs, and just little successes of more diversity of who is representing us across our school.”

The May Court doubles as the prom court, meaning McCreary and Big John will also serve as prom king and queen. Prom will feature a dance from May Court as the prom court during the festivities.

“[May Day] exceeded my expectations,” McCreary said. “I’m very humbled and honored that I was kind of chosen to be West Linn’s representative of sorts through May Day.”

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