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Too young to vote?

Too young to vote?

Edie Himmer, Staff Reporter
November 17, 2022

*Names have been changed to protect students’ identities.* Race for Oregon governor The recent election for Oregon governor has urged students with an interest in politics and social issues to reflect...

Save us Gen Z, youre our only hope, a driver in a passing car said while going through the 10th and Blankenship intersection. The intersection has historically been home to past protests. In 2020, students congregated on the same sidewalk to protest police brutality.

Supreme Court draft elicits student-led protest

Karina Rower, Web Editor-in-Chief
May 8, 2022

For more information on the story behind the protest, click here to read a Q&A with the organizer of the May 7 protest.      

“I think every person with a uterus deserves the right to choose when and how they want to have children,” Shevlin said.

‘Empathy above all else’

Lillian Gottschling, Copy Editor-in-Chief
May 6, 2022

In lieu of the upcoming decision in the Supreme Court case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Americans have been waiting in suspense to hear about the future of abortion rights in the U.S....

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the bill on Mar. 28, and it will be implemented on July 1, 2022.

Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill sets precedent for LGBTQ+ youth in schools

Sydney McCrone, Social Media Editor
April 21, 2022

2022 has re-introduced several ongoing controversies regarding gender discretion and inclusivity. Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, has signed what has been called by some the “Don’t Say Gay Bill,”...

Portland responds to Ukraine

Portland responds to Ukraine

Kaelyn Jones, Staff Reporter
April 13, 2022

Across the world, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sparked outrage. Oregon is no exception; according to recent census numbers, more than 20,000 Oregonians and 60,000 Washingtonians report having Ukrainian...

Phil Mickelsons final fairway swing on green 18, before winning the 2007 Players Championship TPC.

The luxury of wealth and politics

Sydney McCrone, Social Media Editor
February 28, 2022

Warning: The following article mentions sexual assault and drug abuse Being a well known figure across the nation and around the world is a luxury for many pro-athletes and famous actors. Not only are...

NATO is a military alliance that started in 1949 created in order to protect these countries against the Soviet Union.

NATO: What is it and why does it matter?

Helena Erdahl, Co-Editor-in-Chief
February 28, 2022

Within the past months, tensions have escalated between Russia and Ukraine partially due to Ukraine's efforts to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and other issues among the countries....

Protesters gathered at the 2018 Chicago womens march in support of womens reproductive rights.

Roe v. Wade: Past and Present

Sydney McCrone, Social Media Editor
December 28, 2021

The 1970’s were famous for bell bottoms and rock-n-roll. However, it was also an era that was defined by it’s historical and political disputes regarding the fight for women’s rights, gay rights,...

AOCs “Tax the Rich” dress owes debt in multiple states

AOC’s “Tax the Rich” dress owes debt in multiple states

Lilly Augustyn, Current Events Editor
November 19, 2021

Aurora James, designer and owner of the brand Brother Vellies, called her dress a “powerful message”. This message said “tax the rich”, written in bright red on the back of a white dress that was...

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West Linn Teacher Elected to Office

Caden Kesselring, Broadcast Editor In Chief
March 1, 2021

After the 2020 local elections came, a former City Councilor Jules Walters won the position of Mayor of West Linn, leaving an open interim spot until the next election in may for the City Council.  Long...

The first socially distanced presidential debate for the 2020 election with President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. Photo courtesy of Adam Schultz under Creative Commons license.

Cast your vote

Sydney McCrone, Current Events Editor
October 28, 2020

With the presidential election closing in, Americans have less time to make decisions and cast their ballots. Many active voters believe that this election is the most important in decades and that voting...

A student takes a picture for their social media page, posting it for their followers to see.

Connection at a Cost: How the technology industry is working against users

Karina Rower, Web Editor
October 27, 2020

TW: suicide Social media has become the cornerstone of life for most teens. Amidst the pandemic, students have taken to social media for multiple reasons: self-expression, communication with peers,...

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