Honor graduates, department award winners and scholarship recipients are recognized at Evening of Excellence


Madison Walters, Class of 2015, receives her honor stole from Lou Bailey, Principal, at the Evening of Excellence which was Thursday, May 28 at 6:30 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center. Graduation took place at the University of Portland Chiles Center.

Recognizing 128 honor graduate students, students receiving department awards and students receiving local scholarships, the Evening of Excellence was held Thursday, May 28 at 6:30 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center.

“The department awards and local scholarships are announced at the event, so it’s a surprise for the students,” Sandi Yamauchi, Student Services Secretary, who has coordinated the event for five years, said. Students attending had the opportunity to receive a complimentary 5×7 photo from Loma Smith Photography.

Department awards include the Science Department Award, the Technology Department Award, and the Visual Arts Department Award. Scholarships up for grabs by students this year include the WLHS Boy and Girl Athlete Scholarship, the WLHS National Honor Society Scholarship, and the West Linn Lions Performing Arts Scholarship.

“As teachers, we are always talking about the amazing work of our students,” Marianna Gordon, Fine Arts teacher, said. “There were two very clear winners this year. They really stand out with their commitment to their work, and their progress in their skills.”

Students who are honor graduates will already know if they received a letter sent to their house from Principal Lou Bailey. According to Yamauchi, the Class of 2015 has a student attending West Point, so that was part of the event as well.

To be included as an Honor Graduate, students must have taken six Advanced Placement classes, completed 12 hours of community service, and have a total weighted grade point average of 3.6

2015 Honor Graduates

Yem Alharithi
Elizabeth Anderson
Ryan Anderson
Anton Anikin
Amiette Baskerville
Gabriela Bauchwitz
Claire Baumgardner
Caitlin Bernert
Rochelle Biancardi
Victoria Bianchi
Sarah Boardman
Meredith Bowers
Tesalynn Breault
Emily Brother
Logan Bryck
Gabrielle Bullen
Danni Burkhartzmeyer
Trevor Byko
Jessica Chadwick
Collin Clarke
Madison Cochran
Camille Collier
Meranda Corona
Rebecca Cruze
Jackson Darke
Connor Davis
Rachel Dawson
Nicholas Dunstan
Brianna Dyrdahl
Parker Elliott
Gabrielle Elrod
David Evans
Lucas Evans
Travis Fain
Alexander Farnbach
Shana Feltham
Caroline Freiling
Courtney Frisch
Sophie Gabler
Caroline Glausi
Sara Gowdy
Justus Gulbrandson
Kylie Havemann
Brett Hazel
Lindsay Hirsch
Adrienne Hohensee
Jerald Jacobs
Ellen Jones
Marija Jozic
Natalie Karcher
Charlena Kea
Anna Keil
Connor Kelly
Ryan Kelly
Hyunwook Kim
Olivia Latimer
Kevin Layoun
Henry Li
Howard Lin
Emily Lisin
Sarah Lucas
Allison MacMillan
Gunnar Maples
Maxwell Marth
Colin Martin
Melanie Martinsen
Jordyn Marvin Battersby
Walker McCrae
Megan Mieras
Nicholas Miller
Nicolette Misustin
Katherine Moller
Mitchell Nelke
Andrew Nelso
Brendan O’Brien
Bradley Olson
Michael Paschal
Emily Pellish
Sophia Pesetti
Bianca Piscitello
Alexander Pulaski
Isabella Raad
Tristan Rath
Emily Rissberger
Anne Robinson
John Rowan
Kelly Schoenborn
Kyle Schrandt
Logan Scott Deeter
Charles Stephens
Marcus Stewart
Caroline Swanson
Diana Swanson
Daniel Tang
Paige Towsey
Emma Waibel
Jacob Walhood
Carson Waller
Madison Walters
Sivan Weitz
Max Whitehead
Travis Whitehead
Nicholas Yokubaitis


Department Award Recipients

Cameron Kindley– Science Department Award, Environmental Science

Daniel Tang– Science Department Award, Overall Science

Emily Brother– Science Department Award, Chemistry

Ellen Jones– Science Department Award, Biology

Nicholas Yokubaitis– Science Department Award, Physics

Madison Walters  – Performing Arts Department Award, Choir

Sophia Pesetti – Performing Arts Department Award, Theatre

Paige Towsey  – Performing Arts Department Award, Orchestra

Samuel Brown – Performing Arts Department Award, Band

Madison Walters – Language Arts Department Award, English

Claire Baumgartner – Language Arts Department Award, Writing

Kevin Layoun – Social Studies Department Award, Social Studies

Max & Travis Whitehead – Technology Department Award, Technology

Henry Li  – Math Department Award, Math

Andrew Dowling  – Visual Arts Department Award, 2D Art

Colin Martin – Visual Arts Department Award, 3D Art

Isabel Jolley – Visual Arts Department Award, Yearbook

Madison Cochran – Visual Arts Department Award, Photography

Jacqueline Smith – Visual Arts Department Award, Web Design

Walker McCrae– Visual Arts Department Award, Newspaper

Camille Collier – Visual Arts Department Award, Newspaper

Kaylee Coombs – Leadership Department Award, Leadership

Claire Baumgardner – World Language Department Award, Spanish

Rachel Dawson -World Language Department Award, French

Isabella Raad – World Language Department Award, Japanese

Rashel Lucero  –  Student Services Department Award, All Around Student Services

Taylor Enders – Health / P.E. Department Award, Physical Education

Austin Smith – Health / P.E. Department Award, Physical Education

David Evans – Health / P.E. Department Award, Health

Timothy Harman – Athletic Department Award, Outstanding Male Athlete

Brianna Dyrdahl – Athletic Department Award, Outstanding Female Athlete

Nicholas Yokubaitis – Athletic Department Award, Sportsmanship

Caitlin Bernert -Athletic Department Award, Sportsmanship

Local Scholarship Winners

Adam A Clark Memorial Scholarship – Laura Pyeatt

Clackamas Community College Opportunity – Katherine Zumbado

Clackamas Community College Academic Incentive – Evan Parrish

Clackamas Community College Honors – Abigail Graves

Douglas Bransom Memorial Scholarship – Emma Waibel

Eric Egland – Anne Roethe

George Curts Scholarship – Laura Pyeatt

John Paul Brown(OSAC) – Kaylee Combs, Jonathan Dorsey, Hannah Madsen, Quinn Mitchell, Carson Waller

Kaiser Permanente Health Care Career Scholarship – Daniel Tang

Kirk Andrew Spencer Memorial Wrestling/Football Scholarship – Collin Clarke

Kyle Curran Memorial Scholarship – Nicholas Yokubaitis

Legacy Meridian Park Hospital – Brad Olson, Sophie Gabler

LO Women’s Club Community Service Scholarship – Ellie Jones, Emma Waibel, Bradley Olson

Long Live Maddi-Maddi Higgins Scholarship – Emma Waibel, Lauren Huttula

Morris Family Theatre Scholarship – Jordyn Marvin Battersby

Morris Family Band Scholarship – Charlena Kea

Music & Arts Partners Scholarship – Madison Cochran

Music & Arts Partners Scholarship – Ellie Jones

Portland Business Forum – Zane Walker

Sanister Memorial Scholarship – Diana Swanson

Sierra Grill Memorial Scholarship – Jonathan Ciontos

Superintendent’s Scholarship – Victoria Bianchi, Charlena Kea, Natalie Karcher

TJ Curran Memorial Scholarship – Kurt Moon

West Linn Lions Health Care Scholarship – Marija Jozic

West Linn Lions Career Vo/Tech Scholarship – Kevin Layoun/Travis Whitehead

West Linn Lions Special Needs Scholarship – Bradley Olson

West Linn Lions Education Scholarship – Laura Pyeatt

West Linn Lions Community Service Scholarship – Emma Waibel

WLHS Grad Party Scholarship – Emma Waibel, Nicholas Yokubaitis, Allison MacMillan, Bradley Olson

WLHS Class of 1956 – Samuel Brown/Carson Waller

WLHS NHS Scholarship – Sophie Gabler, Charlena Kea, Emma Waibel, Natalie Karcher, Kevin Layoun, Rochelle Biancardi, Ellie Jones, Sophia Pesetti

WL Riverview Lions Club Scholarship – Bradley Olson

WL Rotary Club Scholarship – Emma Waibel, Bradley Olson

Lebanon Education Association Scholarship – Chance Mazzia

Class of 2012 Character Award – Gabriela Bauchwitz, Anne Robinson, Ellen Jones, Isabel Jolley, David Evans, Jonathan Ciontos, Kaylee Combs, Alex Norr, Rashel Lucero, Natalie Karcher, Travis Whitehead, Max Whitehead, Joe Gilligan