Eleanor Williams

Eleanor Williams, Staff Reporter

From far away, Eleanor Williams, sophomore, may seem quiet with her calm poise and contemplative expressions, but once you interact with her, her carefree attitude and contagious laughter quickly shines through.

“I wouldn’t consider myself to be a type A or type B person,” Williams said. “I like to stay organized but other than that I’m pretty chill.”

Her willingness to go with the flow but stay on top of things has helped Williams to be in the third level Journalism class as a sophomore.

“I like the independence of it,” Williams said. “You’re just handed an article and go do your own thing with it.” Her enjoyment of journalistic writing has pushed Williams to explore her interests in and out of the classroom. She often dreams of all the places she’ll travel to, and when asked where she plans to live in the future, all she can reply is “everywhere.”

After traveling to New York City twice with her family, she fell in love with the hustle and bustle lifestyle.

“I think it’s fun to be in big cities,” Williams said. “There is always stuff going on, you're not in the middle of nowhere and you can walk to the grocery store really easy.”

For the last couple of years, Williams has been planning to visit the next city on her list; Paris, France, with her sister, Frances, a freshman at WLHS.

“My dad promised us we could go to Paris in eighth grade but the plans fell through,” Williams said.

Ever since then her and her sister have been looking at airlines, hotels and the perfect date to leave. “We’ve asked, no pleaded to our dad if we could go this Thanksgiving,” Williams said.

Williams’ desire to not stay in one place is a big reason she’s unsure with what she will study in her years after high school. Since she likes every subject in school she’s worried, as well as excited that she will enjoy a variety of jobs.

“I could be a scientist, anthropologist or therapist,” she said. “Right now I have no idea.”  

With three years left at WLHS, Williams isn’t worried about not having fun or keeping busy. Not only is on the JV girls lacrosse and Cross-Country team but she also finds time to read and listen to her favorite music, alternative and jazz.

Williams looks forward to being a staff reporter for WLHS NOW for her second year. She plans to apply her wide range of interests and general love for life to every article she writes.

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Eleanor Williams