Mary Earp

Mary Earp, Co Editor-in-chief

Perfectionist, outgoing and busy are just three of the many words that describe Mary Earp, senior.   Earp heard about Amplifier from her eighth grade English teacher, and has been  a part of the staff since her freshman year. Currently, she is one of the three Co-Editors-in-chiefs of the paper.

Most  people have goals that they would like  to pursue in their life, and this is a true statement for Earp as well. “I want to be a doctor, and I know this sounds cheesy, but I would really like to make a difference in the world,” Earp said.  After high school,  her hopes include attending either Pomona  College or University of California, Berkeley.

Outside of school, Earp has a very hectic life which includes playing co-ed soccer, being a member of the school Mock Trial team and being  the President of National Honor Society.  She is traveling to New York in late October for an international Mock Trial Competition, Empire, where she is assigned to present the closing argument and both direct and cross examinations for the trial.

Some highlights of Earp’s summer were hanging out with friends and taking a vacation to North Carolina, where she visited family and spent some time at the warm sunny beach.

If Earp could visit any place two places in the world, she would choose “Italy and Machu Picchu, Peru, because the scenery is beautiful,” Earp said.

Her favorite year in high school so far was junior year.
“It  challenged me the most and broadened my horizons,” Earp said. So far in her senior year, the class Earp most enjoys is AP Environmental Science, “It’s very interesting, enlightening, and I have a great teacher,” Earp said.

Earp’s senior year is  packed with AP Environmental Science, AP Calculus BC and AP English, leaving her with a long night of work to complete.   The most challenging part of taking these classes “is all of the work involved,” Earp said.

So far, her last year in high school has been hectic and full of work, yet she is excited and looking forward to all of the opportunities that lie ahead in her future.

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Mary Earp