Preston Griffith

Preston Griffith, Staff Reporter

When he is not on the soccer field or with his family and friends, Preston Griffith, junior, is hard at work writing for the Amplifier. “I joined Amplifier because I have an extreme passion for writing,” Griffith said. Griffith is not sure that he will continue with journalism in college, but he know where he wants to go.

“I want to go to BYU(Brigham Young University) or BYU Idaho,” Griffith said. “I don’t know what I will study, but I do know BYU is where I would like to be.” When Griffith is not contemplating his future or in school, he is hanging out with his friends.

“I hang out with my friends all the time,” Griffith said. “I hang out with my church friends or my school friends. We play basketball or soccer sometimes. If I’m not with my friends, I will do homework if I feel like it.”

Griffith also always has something going on in his house since he has two older brothers and three sisters. Griffith still has one sister at home who is a freshman at WLHS.

“You are never bored when you have this many siblings,” Griffith said. “You always have something to do. I always had someone to talk to or hang out with.” Life was a bit hectic when his siblings all lived at home.

“It was hard when all of my siblings were living at home. We could never go get a Christmas tree together or go out to eat because no one could agree on where to go.” It’s much quieter now that most of his siblings have moved out. Griffith now has more time to work on other activities like the Amplifier.

Griffith has enjoyed being a part of the Amplifier and hopes to be able to use his passion for writing in the future.


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Preston Griffith