Emily Topping
With a gifted mind and a strong work ethic, Emily Topping jumped into her sophomore year by joining Amplifier, the independent school newspaper. Unlike most students, who start in the introductory class, Topping was recruited to work directly on the staff based on her stellar performance in English 9. After submitting and showing a strong skill for editing her first article, Topping was asked to be a The People section editor. She gladly accepted the challenge as she has aspirations to make a living using written word.

“When I write, time flies by. There is no way to describe the feeling,” Topping said. Topping’s true love for writing is why she decided to sign up for Amplifier. She hopes to expand and improve the skills in her writing arsenal, as well as gain real world experience doing what she loves.

Although she loves to write, it is not the only way she spends her time. Topping is somewhat of an adventure junkie. “I have skied since I was three years old. It’s one of my favorite things to do,” Topping said.

Topping stepped into high school by joining the Ski Team which, much like Amplifier, is a school-related outlet for something she loves. Topping joined the Cross Country team to stay in shape. “I don’t really enjoy it, but I have to do something.”

With her strong skills and work ethic, Topping’s hope of becoming a writer seems within her reach.



Emily Topping, Staff writer

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Emily Topping