2012-2013 Staff

Mary Earp, Co Editor-in-Chief
Elise Brown, Co Editor-in-Chief
Chrisann Kim, Co Editor-in-Chief
Derek Fieldhouse, Managing Editor
Meredith Bowers, Current Events Co-Editor
Sarah Chung, Current Events Co-Editor
Kenney Whitbey, Opinion Editor
Lenaya LeBlanc, The People Co-Editor
Kara Ghorbani-Elizeh, The People Co-Editor
Ben Jacobs, Athletics Co-Editor
Marley Young, Athletics Co-Editor
Christian Marvin, Athletics Co-Editor
Charlie Craft, Arts and Culture Co-Editor
Camille Collier, Arts and Culture Co-Editor
Emily McDonald, Copy Editor
Andre To, Graphics Editor
Clara Altemus, Co-Photo Editor
Mat Grothe, Videographer
Jake Parker, Photographer
Henry Craft, Photographer
Madeline Marshall, Reporter
Ashlyn Miller-Sanders, Reporter
Shana Feltham, Reporter
Jacqueline DelBene, Reporter
Belle Cogan, Reporter
Jessica Reguera, Photographer
Madison Staten, Reporter
Rachel Porche, Reporter
Jaime Sullivan, Reporter
Shreya Nathan, Reporter
Daniel McGarry, Reporter
Walker McCrae, Reporter
Craig Wright, Reporter
Sarah Oliveras, Reporter
Nicole Gray, Photographer
Colin Squires, Reporter
Natalie Lin, Reporter
Danielle DelBene, Reporter
Julia Mogen, Reporter
Alex Sisca, Reporter
Samuel Maksimov, Reporter
Raina Schutz, Reporter
Kyle Cannelos, Reporter
Jacob Humphrey, Reporter
Makena Buser, Reporter
Caleb Barrett, Reporter
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Our Staff