Nicole Joerger
Thinking back to when she was five years old, Nicole Joerger, sophomore, never really knew dancing would become one of her greatest passions, let alone something she wated to pursue as a career.

“My mom randomly signed me up for a dancing and singing class and I loved it,” Joerger said.

As Joerger’s sophomore year begins at West Linn High School, she’s become completely involved in her dance career. No dance style is unfamiliar to Joerger as she has tried close to every variation, while specializing in ballet and contemporary. Dance is the main reason Joerger has to leave West Linn as she dances every Tuesday through Saturday at June Taylor’s School of Dance in Tualatin. Visiting friends in Lake Oswego is another reason.  Looking into the future, Joerger would like to major in dance or nutrition.

“My dream school is Juilliard in New York; it’s a huge school of the arts,” Joerger said. “It’s really hard to get into.”

But before she achieves her goal of getting into Juilliard, Joerger has to finish her career at WLHS, where she enjoys English a lot because she loves writing. Joerger is new to journalism but was recruited into the class by freshman English teacher Ann Breyne. She plans on sticking with journalism throughout high school.

Whether she’s putting tiptoes to the floor or ink to paper, Joerger follows her passions.


Nicole Joerger, Staff writer

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Nicole Joerger